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Spiritual Medium Julie Clapp was a nurse for 15 years before she decided to devote her life to delivering healing messages from heaven to their loved ones left behind. Julie is on a mission to help us #believe that our loved ones are not gone just different and to validate the signs that they offer us each day.

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@Shop_Divinity Apr 21, 14:46

Time for your Friday Angel Card Reading. Once again I was blown away by how they tie into all… https://t.co/q5NyiJEr24

@Shop_Divinity Apr 20, 13:20

Feel like things have been shaken up in your life lately? No worries, it's all part of the plan.… https://t.co/UOqOs1ZUIo

@Shop_Divinity Apr 19, 00:33

We all have set backs or obstacles that pop up in our path. I know now that when I see a… https://t.co/ztVii8mzHz

@Shop_Divinity Apr 18, 12:42

When you follow divine guidance your inner GPS will always lead you to the highest good, for you… https://t.co/s9AgbSqAlz

@Shop_Divinity Apr 17, 11:57

So many things were swirling thru my head as I woke up this morning. Thinking of all those… https://t.co/rGuAVMxszU

@Shop_Divinity Apr 16, 00:13

Today as we focus on life's blessings and celebrate the Lord, may our hope and faith be renewed.… https://t.co/pz33sGparl

@Shop_Divinity Apr 14, 14:36

Time for our Friday Angel Card Reading. Close your eyes take a deep cleansing breath and recite,… https://t.co/aP0VBax1Ao

@Shop_Divinity Apr 13, 00:27

Between the full moon 🌙 energy and Mercury retrograde this week, you may have felt like a… https://t.co/uj1UuVtE4z

@Shop_Divinity Apr 12, 00:29

I woke up to that song by Wilson Phillips, "Hold on for one more day" playing in my head.… https://t.co/CgJpnEh2vF

@Shop_Divinity Apr 11, 11:58

Today is the full pink moon 🌙 also known as the wind moon. Today's affirmation is about letting… https://t.co/yMfm0iIWvM

@Shop_Divinity Apr 10, 00:24

This week we are starting off acknowledging the full moon 🌙 energy that is around us. This is… https://t.co/cnyV7fwfQY

@Shop_Divinity Apr 07, 14:35

Here is your Friday Angel Card Reading. Take a deep cleansing breath, and recite, "God, Angels,… https://t.co/eq9iLwHG2V

@Shop_Divinity Apr 06, 00:24

We are always looking to get to the next best thing in our lives, but all we really ever have to… https://t.co/PoLkSjv4Nm

@Shop_Divinity Apr 05, 00:24

Today is about reflecting on your life experiences and how you've triumphed. Life is not always… https://t.co/ZAqfXXDYfC

@Shop_Divinity Apr 04, 12:17

Spring is a time of blooming and blossoming and it is easy to get so caught up in our vision of… https://t.co/UTWqOx3tnM

@Shop_Divinity Apr 03, 12:42

This morning spirit gave me a heavy heart feeling. Reminding me that many of us are carrying… https://t.co/KEvrJnJmKz

@Shop_Divinity Mar 31, 14:01

I want you to remember the theme of this week's messages and the song spirit played for me.."You… https://t.co/6UEhGTHTAE

@Shop_Divinity Mar 30, 12:51

Amidst all the energy swirling around us there is something to always ground you. Get in the… https://t.co/ZhyutWq7e4

@Shop_Divinity Mar 29, 12:33

It's important that you make time to check in with your light. Ask yourself are you functioning… https://t.co/ECFFgMyzXZ

@Shop_Divinity Mar 28, 12:17

When I was searching for this dream catcher image I heard that John Lennon song playing in my… https://t.co/0U0HlIihgN

@Shop_Divinity Mar 27, 12:32

We are starting this week with a New Moon 🌙 which always brings about new beginnings. I was… https://t.co/tOJUEoOvQq

@Shop_Divinity Mar 24, 14:26

So I was torn between two different decks for this morning's ANGEL CARD READING. After picking… https://t.co/7CIfI3ZSXY

@Shop_Divinity Mar 24, 11:39

Literally as I was reading a Lenten passage from Matthew I looked out my window and this is the… https://t.co/lmQMdFF3g5

@Shop_Divinity Mar 23, 11:37

When I was meditating spirit showed me a kaleidoscope, they just love to use analogies to get… https://t.co/sbcneN7xcp

@Shop_Divinity Mar 22, 11:34

If you notice every message of the day I call "reminders" from spirit. Why? Because our soul… https://t.co/fKYeQD9mtt

@Shop_Divinity Mar 21, 11:11

When fear shows up in our minds it's like a fog rolling in..it distracts us, makes us feel… https://t.co/nCpmWsuYNm

@Shop_Divinity Mar 20, 20:42

Today is the Spring Equinox which symbolizes new beginnings. Today is a day where the hours of… https://t.co/opiCWog7vW

@Shop_Divinity Mar 20, 11:19

This week is about keeping it on our own mat and letting go of outside distractions. Life is in… https://t.co/dGR3s6m6zh

@Shop_Divinity Mar 17, 13:26

Top of the mornin to ya my friends! Here is Your Friday Angel Card Reading! Close your eyes,… https://t.co/PQURV2UGku

@Shop_Divinity Mar 17, 04:01

Thank you to all attended my show at the Tavern tonight. I'm so grateful that you allowed me to… https://t.co/BSMIcXo39Y

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