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Spiritual Medium Julie Clapp was a nurse for 15 years before she decided to devote her life to delivering healing messages from heaven to their loved ones left behind. Julie is on a mission to help us #believe that our loved ones are not gone just different and to validate the signs that they offer us each day.

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@Shop_Divinity Jun 28, 12:56

Our prayers are always answered, just in divine timing. Realizing I was a medium was a time of… https://t.co/rhOooVi2sY

@Shop_Divinity Jun 27, 13:09

The Sunflower 🌻 doesn't look around and compare itself to the others in the field. It greets… https://t.co/60K0WDvJwO

@Shop_Divinity Jun 26, 13:07

Today is my Dad's 80th birthday in heaven. At 3:00 am all the fire alarms went off in my… https://t.co/pWpwT4quWe

@Shop_Divinity Jun 23, 14:10

Here is your Friday Angel Card Reading! Keep in mind the messages we received yesterday about… https://t.co/ynecTtfiD3

@Shop_Divinity Jun 23, 14:06

Here is your Friday Angel Card Reading! Keep in mind the messages we received yesterday about… https://t.co/ynecTtwU1D

@Shop_Divinity Jun 22, 12:38

As I meditated there were many messages coming thru from spirit. I realized it was more than… https://t.co/p2Va8tESJO

@Shop_Divinity Jun 21, 12:36

Today is the summer solstice which marks the day with the most hours of light in the year. It… https://t.co/n44MZvVZNZ

@Shop_Divinity Jun 20, 12:01

When you know how bright and powerful your light is, you know it can light up any darkness.… https://t.co/5i8gypGgmY

@Shop_Divinity Jun 19, 11:55

Many of the things that we experience here are merely to provide the road to a destination..to… https://t.co/Z1rmLylCVr

@Shop_Divinity Jun 16, 14:23

Here's your Friday Angel Card Reading guys. We are getting ready for next weeks new moon 🌙.… https://t.co/YtDvm6XnoV

@Shop_Divinity Jun 15, 00:31

That butterfly 🦋 fights hard to get out of that cocoon. What if he gave up? What would become… https://t.co/Hyyw33sxqt

@Shop_Divinity Jun 14, 00:05

Those waves will never be strong enough to extinguish your light. Maybe they are there just to… https://t.co/1R9CKFPS1v

@Shop_Divinity Jun 13, 00:31

When you feel like your being tested, what do you turn to? There are temporary things that may… https://t.co/IXT57D71G0

@Shop_Divinity Jun 12, 12:29

Welcoming new into our life is a process. When you are looking to catch a big fish, you must be… https://t.co/CzJcQi8Oct

@Shop_Divinity Jun 09, 14:32

Time for your angel card reading. There is a powerful energy today with the Full Strawberry… https://t.co/NsqIJC1jdC

@Shop_Divinity Jun 08, 12:27

Is your glass half full or half empty on the daily? This week is about discovering the truth of… https://t.co/SZfqMyDXrD

@Shop_Divinity Jun 07, 00:34

Are you feeling the winds of change? All change starts within. This week is about discovering… https://t.co/bsKGQALxha

@Shop_Divinity Jun 06, 12:17

It is important that we affirm our power to the universe that we are an active participant in… https://t.co/el7kkL9rGs

@Shop_Divinity Jun 05, 12:28

This week is about Discovery, self discovery. Today's message is don't fear what breaks you… https://t.co/df2MmQcO8X

@Shop_Divinity Jun 02, 14:55

Your weekly Angel Card Reading!! Close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath and recite, "God,… https://t.co/LrVfSVuzWd

@Shop_Divinity Jun 01, 23:49

My next group reading #boston #medium https://t.co/FvZpDIwRKX

@Shop_Divinity Jun 01, 12:24

Have you ever wondered what am I here for, what am I meant to bring to the table that someone… https://t.co/aioz3trhke

@Shop_Divinity May 31, 18:57

@Oprah just finished watching your #supersoulsession phenomenal woman #lifechanging deep bow, with much gratitude for your light

@Shop_Divinity May 31, 17:56

The Gift is the allowance of God to let us use the physical instruments he gave us to tune into… https://t.co/UQQIcHcgkw

@Shop_Divinity May 31, 12:16

Sometimes we get so consumed with our own needs and wants we lose sight of the bigger picture… https://t.co/dZDWeyLrYA

@Shop_Divinity May 30, 12:16

Right here right now is all we really have. Sometimes we all need a nudge to adjust our lens to… https://t.co/t1C3YLdKRe

@Shop_Divinity May 29, 13:02

Take today to celebrate and remember with gratitude those that gave their lives in serving… https://t.co/hawwLB4T5N

@Shop_Divinity May 26, 14:17

Time for your Friday Angel Card Reading. This new moon brought about a great shift of energy… https://t.co/vz2QpqvShT

@Shop_Divinity May 26, 04:54

This medium runs on dunks. I'm on cloud nine after my group event in Dartmouth tonight! I'm so… https://t.co/sb4Jmq53qa

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