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Spiritual Medium Julie Clapp was a nurse for 15 years before she decided to devote her life to delivering healing messages from heaven to their loved ones left behind. Julie is on a mission to help us #believe that our loved ones are not gone just different and to validate the signs that they offer us each day.

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@Shop_Divinity May 22, 00:29

All action must come from within. In nurturing your light you begin to see how your outside… https://t.co/vSAJpBwNjn

@Shop_Divinity May 18, 00:31

Today is about getting in touch with the confidence inside you to know that you came equipped… https://t.co/hTHv8z2pvy

@Shop_Divinity May 17, 00:26

Our lights need nurturing to stay lit and bright and in line with a vibration that attracts… https://t.co/JWDMEdXCpS

@Shop_Divinity May 16, 00:04

Many of us are sensitive and empathic and have a tendency to "people please" or conform to keep… https://t.co/bukmQTzWtw

@Shop_Divinity May 15, 00:58

This week spirit is guiding us to focus on surrender and letting go. Sometimes when we cling so… https://t.co/Fn6pJObCbq

@Shop_Divinity May 14, 14:24

Flowers 🌺 may be temporary, but the moments live on forever in our hearts. May your Mother's… https://t.co/1YAc9jiWHi

@Shop_Divinity May 12, 14:34

Time for your angel card reading. As always I encourage you to reflect back on the messages of… https://t.co/ZuGHPY4Mxj

@Shop_Divinity May 11, 12:36

You choose how you see it, you choose how you climb it, you choose how you share it. Take that… https://t.co/uJ6HnSfyTM

@Shop_Divinity May 10, 00:35

April showers ☂️bring May flowers 🌺Last month we were laying a foundation for new growth and… https://t.co/eBsrX53uc1

@Shop_Divinity May 09, 12:18

The calla Lilly is a symbol of beauty, magnificence and purity. It reminds us that in our… https://t.co/ORawkbtTik

@Shop_Divinity May 08, 12:16

In each moment is a new choice and opportunity. When we think of our ability to change our most… https://t.co/JTXpsnPK8T

@Shop_Divinity May 05, 14:11

Lots of shifts to a positive vibration going on right now that Mercury Retrograde is over!! 👏🏻… https://t.co/cgLi3W60tq

@Shop_Divinity May 04, 12:31

Like the lighthouse, your beauty as a soul is omnipresent and transcends all boundaries of space… https://t.co/oHxT18HTWF

@Shop_Divinity May 03, 00:31

In my readings Spirit will often shown me a pause button. This morning they gave me that as our… https://t.co/r1b3SqiYMx

@Shop_Divinity May 02, 00:21

Unknowingly we create mountains, mud and chains that slow us down and keep us stuck. We let… https://t.co/KpoGm6Vvc8

@Shop_Divinity May 01, 00:14

We are never truly lost even when we feel like it. We are merely being led to a road that might… https://t.co/wd95XCdaG8

@Shop_Divinity Apr 28, 13:55

It's Time for your Friday Angel Card Reading. I can't tell you how much I Love, love, love how… https://t.co/dnv1MA38DO

@Shop_Divinity Apr 27, 12:42

We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet our timelines as tho there is a clock ticking in… https://t.co/xPoQlDUQmC

@Shop_Divinity Apr 26, 12:52

Have you been feeling slow and sluggish, even stuck sometimes the past few weeks? Well it's not… https://t.co/XHb9prVT1H

@Shop_Divinity Apr 25, 17:20

Knowledge is power. The greatest knowledge to gain here in this physical world is coming to… https://t.co/JfxMeZGvfG

@Shop_Divinity Apr 25, 12:04

Life is a balancing act, yin and yang, light and dark, rest and action. Today's message from… https://t.co/dnhgoQpE5X

@Shop_Divinity Apr 24, 12:36

Spirit gave me this message as I was going to bed last night and again this morning. I was… https://t.co/Gp271HPHPi

@Shop_Divinity Apr 21, 14:46

Time for your Friday Angel Card Reading. Once again I was blown away by how they tie into all… https://t.co/q5NyiJEr24

@Shop_Divinity Apr 20, 13:20

Feel like things have been shaken up in your life lately? No worries, it's all part of the plan.… https://t.co/UOqOs1ZUIo

@Shop_Divinity Apr 19, 12:33

We all have set backs or obstacles that pop up in our path. I know now that when I see a… https://t.co/ztVii8mzHz

@Shop_Divinity Apr 18, 12:42

When you follow divine guidance your inner GPS will always lead you to the highest good, for you… https://t.co/s9AgbSqAlz

@Shop_Divinity Apr 17, 11:57

So many things were swirling thru my head as I woke up this morning. Thinking of all those… https://t.co/rGuAVMxszU

@Shop_Divinity Apr 16, 12:13

Today as we focus on life's blessings and celebrate the Lord, may our hope and faith be renewed.… https://t.co/pz33sGparl

@Shop_Divinity Apr 14, 14:36

Time for our Friday Angel Card Reading. Close your eyes take a deep cleansing breath and recite,… https://t.co/aP0VBax1Ao

@Shop_Divinity Apr 13, 12:27

Between the full moon 🌙 energy and Mercury retrograde this week, you may have felt like a… https://t.co/uj1UuVtE4z

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